Vibe Naftali Estate, Upper Galilee, Israel: Review and Recommendations

My Review for Vibe Naftali Estate Hotel

An amazing mansion that is one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the north of Israel and certainly the best boutique hotel in the Upper Galilee.

The mansion has 7 very clean, spacious, decorated rooms (all made of solid wood), comfortable and luxurious.

In addition, the common areas for all the rooms are huge and equipped with everything you need:
From the practical kitchen that has everything (oven, stove, toaster, microwave, kitchen utensils and even a professional juicer) through a huge spacious and comfortable “living room” (including a huge TV ) to a super huge yard like in the movies.

The Amazing Yard of Naftali Estate Vibe Boutique Hotel

There’s a large pool in the yard (heated in the winter), a huge jacuzzi, many comfortable seating areas, a green lawn, a barbeque station like in restaurants and even a vineyard (from which the estate’s private wine brand is made).

But to me, the most wonderful thing about this wonderful yard and the estate – the view!

Vibe Naftali Estate Offers Perfect Views

The mansion is located at a high vantage point and enjoys a breathtaking view of the Hahula Valley, the Golan Mountains and the snowy Hermon mount.

I would say that the feeling is like being on vacation in the most beautiful places of Europe, but even in Europe there are not many wonderful and perfect places like Naftali Estate.

My Recommendation for Staying at Naftali Estate

The most perfect thing is to come here with a few pairs of friends (or a big family) and celebrate one of the unforgettable events that you will never forget.

Vibe Naftali Estate Location

On the mountainside, in front of a panoramic view of the Upper Galilee, at the foot of a grape vineyard, between paths of fruit trees, flowers and spice bushes, located Naftali Estate. A boutique mansion built of antique wood in a European-classic style and covering 350 m2.

The Rooms in Naftali Estate Vibe

2 Garden Rooms

Naftali Estate has two garden rooms suitable for double accommodation, located on the entrance floor. The rooms are built as one space and are equipped with a luxurious double bed, a modern and cozy bathroom, and a balcony facing the garden with a coffee table and two chairs.

3 View Rooms

Naftali Estate has three view rooms suitable for double accommodation, located on the top floor of the building. The rooms are built as one space and are equipped with a luxurious double bed, a sofa bed that opens to the bed, a cozy bathroom, and a balcony facing the patient’s views with a coffee table and two wooden rocking chairs. One room is more rear than the other two.

1 Suite with Balcony

Suitable for family accommodation, located on the top floor of the building. The suite is divided into two spaces: a modern and cozy bathroom and a large living room that opens to a cool children’s bed and a balcony in the second part.

1 Standard Room

Room suitable for double occupancy, located on the entrance floor. The room is built as one space, equipped with a luxurious double bed and a cozy bathroom.

Room facilities: double bed, air conditioning, shower, TV.

The Bottom Line

The mansion has 7 wonderful and varied rooms.

The recommendation is to book the entire mansion for a group of friends or family.

The experience will surely be unprecedented because this unique hotel provides everything you need.
My recommendation is unequivocal: if you are coming to the Upper Galilee mountains, or you are traveling in the Golan Heights – the most wonderful hotel for you is Naftali Estate Vibe Boutique Hotel!

The video of my visit is on my YouTube channel – Shaulevi Reviews

In my YouTube channel, you will find many other videos just like the video on Lala Boutique Hotel, where I share with you my experiences from Israel and around the world . If you like more information about tourism in Israel in general and Tel Aviv in particular, you are invited to my YouTube channel

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