6 Unusual Non-Touristic Things to do in Washington DC

With such history, amazing food scene, shopping, and beautiful vibrant places, you can easily find touristic things to do in Washington DC. But if there is one thing better than being a tourist here, it’s experiencing the city like a local. So, shall we dive into the best unusual things to do in Washington DC?

unusual things to do in washington dc

By the way, if you’re planning a trip to the US, here are 7 unique destination in the US you can consider visiting! Have any question about this article? Feel free to ask us anything on our Facebook community.

1) Brunch at Wisemiller’s Deli at Georgetown

It is impossible to travel Washington DC without visiting Georgetown. This urban area is filled with life, and of course, the beautiful Georgetown University sits here. Right next to the main gate of the university, you will find Wisemiller’s Deli. Famous for their sandwiches and cookies, this deli serves as one of the best spots college students choose to enjoy.

Throwback yourself back to your college days, or if you never were a student, get a sense of it. You can get yourself a sandwich and a cookie and sit on the lawns of the university, or near the dormitories, to experience a small moment of student life at Georgetown University.

Bring along a friend and enjoy a perfect brunch, the way a DC local would.

2) Ride a Scooter at Night in DC National Mall

The most famous place in Washington DC is of course the National Mall, featuring some of the most iconic monuments of the United States. This place is packed with people during the day, but at night – that’s when the magic happens.

All the monuments are lit up at, and the boulevards are almost empty. Rent yourself a shared electric scooter available at every corner of the street and go on a fun and magical drive between the monuments.

Riding a scooter in one of the most important and famous places in the United States, especially when it’s filled with romantic lighting rather than people, really gives you a strong feeling of freedom.

By the way, this was probably the best date I’ve experienced. A great unusual thing to do with your partner in Washington DC.

washington dc monuments night time

3) Visit “Decades” dance club

The Decades dance club is located in an area of ​​the city that is filled with nightlife. The dance club itself consists of several floors, each floor is styled differently, playing a different genre of music.

Beautiful video clips from different moments of the songs are projected on the walls. You can enjoy retro, 90’s, R&B and have a little throwback fun night. Entrance costs 20 dollars and the drinks are expensive, so consider drinking beforehand. People here dress nicely, so give up the sweaters.

decade club dc

4) Find your favorite coffee place

Just like you have your favorite coffee place in your own hometown, you should have one in Washington DC. Though some would argue that going to the same place is missing out on different great places, I believe there is something very special about going to the same familiar place, tasting different dishes of the menu on each visit.

On my last visit to DC, I started every morning at Cafe Tatte, for almost a week. This place is nothing like an American breakfast place, and as a non-American girl, I loved it. It was so delicious that I had to go back and taste more and more things from the menu.

My partner and I love to share food (to taste as much as possible). So together we had the chance to discover every single dish Café Tatte offers, in less than a week.

tatte cafe

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5) Go to thrift stores in Georgetown

This is your opportunity to find expensive designers clothes very cheap, let me explain. Living in Georgetown is expensive, so be sure the residents here are wealthy. Cutting to the chase, they buy designer clothes on a regular basis.

The great part about it, is that there are secondhand stores in the area with designer clothes at ridiculous prices. If you want to diversify your wardrobe with some expensive clothes, this is a great opportunity for you.

Thriftshops Georgetown

6) Football Sundays

In the season, every American knows that Sundays are dedicated to watching the games. On Sundays, several games are broadcasted simultaneously. Get updated on the teams playing (there are lots of those) and look for a local bar of the team’s fans.

For example, if the Pittsburgh football team is playing (Steelers), you will go to a Steelers bar to watch the game.

The atmosphere of watching a football game with real fans is truly unique, and you feel a real part of them. Also leave some calories for fried snacks because that’s how football Sundays are celebrated. Truly one of the best unusual things to do in Washington DC.

American football, ya?

Where to watch the sunset in Washington DC?

The best place in Washington DC to watch the sunset will be from the Potomac River. You can even rent a boat or go on a sunset cruise if you want to make it even more magical. The colorful reflection of the sun on the water is really spectacular, and the area gives romantic vibes.

picture by Emmy Vickers

What to do in Washington DC at night?

Some of the best unusual things to do in Washington DC at nighttime are going on comedy nights, open stage concerts, going on local bars or sports bar, or just good old nighttime clubbing.

The thing about this place, is that it really have everything and more. Great people, awesome food scene and unique nightlife. So whatever you would do in your country, you can here here too.

How do you get around washington dc?

There are thankfully many ways to get around in Washington DC, so it’s pretty easy to find your way here especially if you’re traveling with light luggage. usually, best way to get around would be the Metrorail.

DC Metrorail

The Metrorail is DC’s subway, and it’s the easiest and cheapest way to get around DC. It’s open from dawn to dusk, with trains running all the time. See Washington DC Metrorail website for more information about the subway.

Other ways to get around DC

Busses and Metrobus – Busses are also a cheap way to get around in DC, though they are not as fast as the Metrorail as traffic can get pretty busy during the daytime. On weekends though they are a perfect way to get around the city. You can find information about the busses on the Metrorail website, or on the DC Circulator.

Car \ Cab – I wouldn’t choose this one, as it’s not only the expensive option, but it’s also the slowest one. You’ll find yourself fighting traffic the whole way. It can suit those who are looking to get out of the city to somewhere specific. Find information about DC Cabs.

Bicycle \ Electric Scooter – Also a great way to get around DC. There are solid infrastructures that will let you get around the city with your bicycle or scooter, and shared vehicles can be found all over the city. If you’re traveling short distances, this can be a great choice.

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