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Festival Shoes: What Are The Best Festival Shoes to Wear?

The year is 2019, Budapest, day 6 of Sziget festival, I am standing in the 2nd row to watch my childhood dream band “The Foo Fighters”, I can’t believe it is actually happening, and after 8 hours of standing, as Dave Grohl, the lead singer made his way to the stage, my so-called festival shoes decided it had enough, and in a magical way, the shoe, and the sole split, left me standing with a half shoe, half something.

This was my “it’s not gonna happen again” moment. Since then, I have attended several music festivals, so I have been able to try a variety of festival shoes and styles.

Here are my top 7 festival shoes for men and women and how to pick the best festival shoe for you.

What Are the Best Shoes to Wear to a Festival?

If you’re running to catch your favorite artist’s set time, or just waiting in line for the merch booth, the best festival shoes should be comfortable and durable. Your most expensive pair is probably not what you want to wear.

Festivals often leave shoes dirty, whether from dirt, sand, grass stains, or mud. Therefore, when buying festival shoes, we are looking for a pair that is stylish, versatile, comfortable, and equipped for rain or various terrains. Buying the wrong shoes is like buying the wrong ski equipment – something that will only cause injuries and disappointment.

7 Best Festival shoes for men and women to wear

Comfortable festival shoes

1. Vans old skool: Comfortable festival shoes

In my opinion, Vans Old Skool is one of the most comfortable shoes to wear to a festival.

The sneaker has a stylish look, good ankle grip, and decent durability for $37.

I wore these shoes on a 3-day Bring Me The Horizon festival in Malta, and it was the first time I didn’t have to change shoes mid-festival.

2. High Top Chuck Taylor

The iconic Chuck Taylor’s shoes have the same solid ankle grip as Vans’ Old Skool, but because it’s a high-top shoe, the grip is even better.

This shoe is only ranked second because it is made of canvas, which can be too thin if someone steps on you or if you decide to enter the pit.

3. Mikarka Womens Holographic Platform Combat Boots: The best boot for a festival.

This one is for the ladies.

One of my friends ordered this shoe for the burning man festival.
In spite of what they appeared to be, they were light and comfortable to wear and she wore them even after the festival was over.

One disadvantage is that despite its unique style, it may not suit everyone.

4. Timberland Men’s 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot: Best for a rainy festival.

The Timberland boot is definitely one of the best shoes I have worn to a festival.

The shoe has an Anti-Fatigue midsole that uses geometric cone support to provide shock absorption and ultimate comfort while standing, plus, the shoe has a waterproof ankle, which makes it the perfect shoe for a rainy festival.

The most significant disadvantage I found about this shoe was that I was sorry to take a $185 shoe to a festival.

5. Reebok C Club

As well as providing full-foot support and durability during festival season and beyond, the Club C sneakers are designed with an impact-absorbing midsole, which means that you can stand for a couple of hours with no ankle pain.

I tried this pair in a Biffy Clyro show and really enjoyed them, but one disadvantage is their color.
You can order them in black, but I found them a bit ugly.

6. READYSALTED Sandals: Best women’s festival sandals

For those who prefer to wear a sandal rather than a boot or sandals, the READYSALTED festival sandals are the perfect fit.

With a high and steady platform, these sandals are perfect for festivals, plus they cost only $40, making them a great value.

7. Dr. Martens Unisex 1460 Boots

The Dr. Mertens boots are everywhere at music festivals, and for good reason.

Even though their price tag is $170, they are really comfortable for festivals, lightweight, breathable, and air-cushioned.

Additionally, the shoe is made of high-quality materials, so you can wear it even after a festival.

Here are some frequently asked questions about festival shoes people usually ask us.

Should I wear boots to a festival?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about festival footwear is boots. Boots have a sturdy soles which will help you stay on your feet as you navigate the crowds, but they also provide a little more warmth than your average shoe.

You may need an extra pair of socks if you wear boots though because they can make your feet sweat more than other shoes!

Should I wear sneakers to a festival?

If you’re looking for something a little less clunky, some people prefer wearing sneakers at festivals. Sneakers are usually lightweight, so they’ll be comfortable during long walks around the fairgrounds or through grassy fields.

Make sure the soles are thick enough though so that you don’t end up with sore feet by the end of the day!

Are Converse good for a festival?

The converse is a classic shoe that goes with practically any outfit. They are also great for standing up on the ground all day. Plus, they come in many different colors!

You can find them at just about every store that sells shoes, so you’ll be able to find them no matter where you are.

However, there’s one downside – not everyone finds them comfortable. Converse was never meant for long periods of standing or walking, which is why it’s important to wear some sort of insole or insert with them if you plan on doing a lot of walking around the festival grounds or want extra comfort when you’re sitting down.

What should you wear to a metal festival?

If you’re going to a metal festival, the most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes! To make sure that your feet will be safe and happy, you’ll want to avoid sandals or flip-flops.

Instead, opt for some comfy sneakers or even better – a pair of well-cushioned walking shoes that have good arch support.

When it comes to picking out footwear for a metal festival, there are four important things you need to think about before choosing your perfect pair of shoes: comfort level; shoe type; durability level; fashion statement.

How comfortable are these shoes? Will they rub against my toes? Do they have enough arch support? How durable is the construction?

What shoes do you wear to Coachella?

The best shoes for Coachella have to be comfortable, fashionable, and versatile. Boots are a great choice because they offer support and can be worn with tights or dresses.

I recommend ankle boots because they’re so easy to slip on and off at the end of the day. If you’re not into boots, try sneakers or sandals that are sturdy enough to walk around all day in. Don’t forget your socks!

Will my shoes get dirty in Coachella?

It’s a question that every Coachella attendee asks themselves before they purchase their shoes. Will my shoes get dirty? Does it matter what I wear? And, of course, is there anything I can do to keep my shoes as clean as possible?

Honestly, the answer is yes. You will get your shoes dirty at some point or another during Coachella. There are so many people with different types of footwear – some people wear sandals or even slippers, and others wear boots or sneakers.

All these different shoe materials interact with the dirt and dust on the ground in different ways so no two pairs will be affected exactly the same way.

Can I wear heels to a festival?

Most people are hesitant to wear heels at a festival because of the fear that they will get ruined by all the dirt that is sure to be there. But as long as you know how to style them, they can still look great! Bring a backup pair with you just in case, but here are a few tips on how you can make your heels work for you this festival season.

Start by making sure your heel is clean from any dirt or mud before applying an anti-slip foot spray or another protector to keep it from getting ruined.

Next, add a layer of protection around the base of your shoe with something like vaseline or petroleum jelly; this will help reduce any friction and keep your feet comfortable for hours on end.

What shoes do you wear to a rainy festival?

With the rain pouring down, it’s important to have a shoe that will keep your feet dry. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking around for most of the day, so you’ll need a shoe that is sturdy, but not too heavy. I recommend wearing boots with thick soles or sneakers with rubber soles. If you don’t want to wear boots or sneakers, then try some rain-resistant sandals. Lastly, if you’re wearing shorts or skirts, make sure your shoes cover up your feet – it’s not worth catching a cold at a festival!

What shoes should I wear to a beach festival?

The perfect shoes for a beach fest are probably sandals. If you want something a little more stable, then you can wear some sneakers or even flip-flops. What’s most important when it comes to footwear at a beach fest is comfort, so make sure your sandals have enough cushioning in them.

If you’re not looking for sandals but still want something with a little more support, go for some running shoes. They’ll give you just enough stability so that you can stay on your feet throughout the day without getting tired from all of the walkings from one side of the festival grounds to another.

Are Crocs good festival shoes?

Are you insane? Crocs are probably the worst shoes to wear to a festival, as they don’t provide any back support, and they might even result in injuries.

Are Vans good festival shoes?

Vans are a classic shoe that has withstood the test of time. They’re great for wearing to a festival because they can be worn with a variety of outfits since they come in so many colors and styles. Another reason Vans are great for festivals is because they’re comfortable, which you’ll need if you’re on your feet all day!

If you want to add some flair but still keep your shoes basic, consider buying some Vans that have been customized. You could get fun patterns or tie-dye designs on them. However, these types of shoes will probably cost more than traditional Vans.

Can you wear sandals to a Festival?

While you might think sandals are too casual for a festival, they actually make a lot of sense. If it’s hot out, sandals will keep your feet cool and give you some extra breathing room when you’re on your feet all day. If it’s cold out, they’ll keep your feet warm while still giving them some air circulation.

Plus, if you find yourself in water (and let’s be honest: how many people go to a beach festival without getting their feet wet?) having sandals on hand means that you can just leave them on and know that your footwear is already dry.




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