Best Protective Gear for Skiing: Amatures to Professionals

Did you know that humans have been skiing for more than 5000 years? I’m sure that back then, they injured themselves a lot. Thankfully, modern times brought us some of the best protective gear for skiing you can imagine, and we can enjoy this beautiful sport peacefully.

Skiing is one of the best sports you can do. Not only it’s piled with extreme fun, but it also burns calories, strengthens lower body muscle, and increases flexibility. Can you imagine having all those health benefits while enjoying this much? There aren’t many sports that do so.

While it has a lot of benefits, you can only enjoy those if you skiing smartly. For that, you should always wear the best protective gear you can. Think of it that way – most injuries that might happen during a ski are physical hits (from falling or hitting rocks and trees along the way). So how do you solve this problem? Easy, with good protective gear!

See how well dressed this guy is?

Traveling with a kid? Make sure you get them the best kid’s traveling backpack for the trip.

Among the best places to ski are France, Italy, and more. We upload a lot of articles and guides on how to make the best out of your trips when visiting those. Give us a read to get the best ideas for your next trip!

In some countries, some of that protective gear is enforced by law.

Ski Helmet: Women Men and Kids

Whether you’re a professional or a complete beginner, picking up a helmet for skiing is a must. Don’t rely on your bicycle helmet to do the job, and if you already owe a ski helmet, ask yourself how old is it.

A ski helmet is the most essential protective item for skiing – get a helmet that will fit the job. These days the helmets have great style, so make sure you pick one that will also make you feel badass.

You can order yourself a top-quality ski helmet online, just make sure not to buy anything sketchy, We’ve put together our recommendations for purchasing a ski helmet online –

Outdoor Master Ski Helmet

Best Value Ski Helmet

Durable and safe, ASTM certified with a shock-absorbing EPS core. Very stylish with 13 different colors to choose from. Excellent airflow evacuation channels. The known company behind it. Perfect for all skiers.

Giro Ski and Snowboard Helmet

This one is also very thick and strong, giving maximum protection. Well ventilated and fits easily on your head. Giro items are compatible with each other, so consider getting a set.

Retrospec Ski Helmet

Best Budget Ski Helmet

This is a great helmet for casual skiers that are on a budget. It’s cheap compared to the others, but it does the job great for protection. Great fit, durable and stylish.

Outdoor Master Diamond Mips

The diamond MIPS is the better version of the regular Outdoor Master ski helmet. It has some nice to have features that more advanced skiers might be able to take advantage of, like a goggle strap retainer and more.

Ski Back Protection

The most common injuries in skiing are back injuries. They are caused by skiing accidents such as falling or getting hit by other skiers and objects. Ski back protection will most likely majorly reduce the severity of such injuries, and for that, it is considered one of the most popular protective gear for skiing.

Here are 4 best back protection gear for skiing that fits our standards perfectly –

POC Spine Air Vest

Best Value Ski Back Protection

This lightweight vest by POC grants excellent protection to your spine. It’s great for skiing, fits well and comfortably like a t-shirt, and can help with cold weather.

POC Junior Spine Air Vest

Best Ski Back Protection For Kids

This vest by POC is just like the regular one, only more suitable for kids. Its secret is its well-designed fit, making it very comfortable for children.

POC VSD Back System

Rather than a suit, this back system is external, which may be more comfortable for some skiers who don’t like to wear a suit. It grants great protection to your back, and it’s extremely lightweight.

POC VSD Torso System

Best Ski Back Protection for Professionals

Greater rib coverage and overall protection, Better airflow, and very lightweight. The torso system is the better version of the back system.

Padded Ski Shorts

It is inevitable to fall on your butt at some point during your ski trip, even if you’re a professional. Moreover, your sensitive area won’t know what hit it when a fellow skier accidentally bumps into it during a sharp curve accidentally. But worry not, as the protective padded ski shorts will prevent any serious bruise or hit, making you and your future children safe.

When choosing protective shorts, we want them to be well reinforced, while staying breathable and flexible. Here are a few options on amazon that will make the perfect fit for your ski trip –

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts

Best Value Padded Ski Shorts

These padded shorts will do the job for just any skier, providing great protection and a good fit for half of the price of its competition. Durable material, and easy to wash.

DMoose Padded Shorts

The DMoose padded shorts are suitable for those who seek extra protection at the cost of comfort. They are rather big as their padding is thick, so they might be the best choice for those who take extra caution.

Trained Protective Shorts

Those shorts are probably as comfortable as padded shorts can get. They provide great protection and can be just a little bit bulky for that. Overall they are a great choice.

Knee Brace for Skiing

Skiing requires flexibility and freedom of movement, which is why you can’t just use any knee protector. You need to find a knee protector that is able to protect your knee in emergencies while letting you move swiftly with a wide range of movements. This can’t be done with a clunky knee brace.

You can order yourself knee protection for skiing online, these are 2 options that we think meet our standards:

Triple Eight Knee Pads

Best Choice Knee Brace for Skiing

Slim and flex pads that fit your knee very well.  They are almost perfect but do note that their comfort comes with the cost of being a little bit less protective than harder pads.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Best Budget Knee Brace for Skiing

These will do the work perfectly, as they are slim and fit well, but they won’t last for a long time. If you’re skiing once, these might work well for you.

Ski Wrist Guards

A wrist guard is a final touch for your safety. When skiing, your wrist is going through a lot, even if you’re not getting hit at all. It’s important that we make sure our wrist gets the support it deserves, otherwise we might find ourselves dealing with inflammations.
You can also check our review on Best Ski Gloves for Women and Men in 2022-2023.

Here are different options for wrist guards that will do just fine. Flex wrist guard will give you the support needed to prevent inflammations, while hard ones will also protect you from bruises and injuries –

CTHoper Wrist Guards

High-quality wrist guards that will do the job perfectly, note that these are flex guards, meaning you get more flexibility at the cost of protection.

Bodyprox Wrist Guards

High-quality wrist guards with more thickness and hardness to them. They combine both flexibility and hardness for more protection.

CTHoper Impact Wrist Guards

Personally, I prefer flexibility over hard protection. But if you’re one of those who seek more protection, these will surely do.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Among the protective gear, you should also learn about ski clothing and know what to wear skiing. For example – Ski jackets, boots, pants etc..

How to Avoid Ski Injuries

  1. Wear skiing protective gear – as we said in the article, most injuries that happen during a ski are from falling or bumping a tree. These injuries are rather easy to solve with protective gear.
  2. Don’t stop in a middle of a curve – Curves are hidden from oncoming skiers, and they won’t be able to react in time. Instead, make your stops in well-visible areas, so that other skiers can see you from distance.
  3. Stay afar from trees and rocks – This isn’t a mobile game, so don’t try to get bonus points for going in between trees. There is usually plenty of room at the center of the track, which is usually much flattener than the sides.
  4. Wear Ski Goggles – so you won’t get distracted by the sun.
  5. Drink a lot of water before skiing – Water is like fuel to our bodies. It will improve your skills naturally, and keep you from dehydrating in the middle of the track. This goes not only for skiing but for everything you do in life.
Stay far from the trees!

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