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NG is one of the best meat restaurants in Tel Aviv

Unequivocal recommendation for the great restaurant: NG restaurant in Neve Tzedek.
Tel Aviv is a non-stop city, the range of restaurants there is huge, but there are restaurants that are above and beyond the level of all the other wonderful restaurants of this amazing city.
The NG restaurant located in the most iconic neighborhood in Tel Aviv is one of the best meat restaurants, maybe not only one of the best in Tel Aviv but even one of the best in Israel.

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The bottom line

As the leading tourism blogger in Israel, I have already covered hundreds of restaurants, but the meal I had at Masada NG was one of the most wonderful experiences I had because it was meat meals at the highest level there is.

The food

I enjoyed every bite and every second I was in this restaurant!
We ate Wagyu steak as well as sirloin and filet which were done in just the right amount and with a rare level of flavors.

Next to them were sweet potato gratin (excellent) and fennel in the oven. The foie gras, the beef dalikstan, the exotic mushrooms and the green leafy salad were especially delicious, as were the other great dishes we chose from the restaurant’s rich menu.

The food is excellent, high quality, accurate and unprecedented! It was a culinary experience not to be missed.

The service

The service is also at the highest level, our waiter knew very well every piece of meat that appears on the menu, his recommendations were accurate and exactly suited to our taste.
The atmosphere in the restaurant is very pleasant, the music is at the right dose and the wine menu complements well everything that is in this wonderful restaurant.

The location

If you are a tourist then the location of the restaurant is also close to the most attractive places in Tel Aviv: on the one hand the famous promenade on the seashore, further on the colorful Carmel Market which is a must-see for everyone who visits here, and on the other hand is Old Jaffa which is full of tourist attractions.
The restaurant is located in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood (the unique story of this neighborhood) and near the avenue of the most popular hotels in the most attractive city in Israel.

The video

About Tel Aviv – Yafo

Tel Aviv – Yafo, it’s the major city and economic centre in Israel, It’s admittedly not the capitel city of Israel, but it’s definitely the most vibrant city in Israel

situated on the Mediterranean coast some 40 miles (60 km) northwest of Jerusalem. Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 as a Jewish garden suburb of the ancient Mediterranean port of Jaffa (now Yafo), with which it was joined in 1950. By the beginning of the 21st century, the modern city of Tel Aviv had developed into a major economic and cultural centre. Tel Aviv is headquarters for a number of government ministries, including the Ministry of Defense, as well as other public organizations, such as the Histadrut (General Federation of Labour). Most of the foreign embassies in Israel are also located in the city. In addition, most of Israel’s large corporations are headquartered in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, perhaps only the beach of Rio de Janeiro can compete with the beautiful beaches and all the extensive activities that take place on its wonderful beaches

Tel Aviv night life

A city that never sleeps, literally a non-stop city.
A city where adrenaline flows in a very high dose, so you should stay awake at all times. This adrenaline comes from clubs (many and varied) that operate until the wee hours of the night and bars that serve excellent and unique cocktails.

The city of Tel Aviv is full of restaurants that are open all night until the time of the Israeli breakfast, which in itself is a unique experience. The abundance of possibilities that this city offers makes it one of the busiest entertainment cities in the world and therefore also concentrates the highest amount of hotel accommodation in Israel.

You will find here all the entertainment options that come to your mind, you will find here all the tourist attractions you can imagine and of course there are many museums in the city with a wide variety of types of art and creation.

Neve Tzedek neighborhood

Neve Tzedek was established in 1887 and was the first official Jewish district of Tel Aviv (outside the walls of Jaffa). Neve Tzedek is a picturesque neighborhood, with low built houses, red tiled roofs and colored walls. Buses do not pass through the small streets and the quiet ambience is preserved together with the main streets of Neve Tzedek such as Shebazi Street, where there are coffee houses, shops, boutiques, synagogues and more.

Old and new together

In Neve Tzedek There is a longstanding tailor’s shop next to an innovative dress boutique, an old classic jeweler next to a jewelry shop with young modern designers.

All of them live and work side by side harmoniously – this is the secret magic of this most special neighborhood of Tel Aviv and indeed of the whole country.

Bonus facts on NG Restaurant in Neve Tzedek

NG restaurant is a steak house specializing in large chunks of meats on weight, each piece receives the most appropriate treatment and is served to the diners in the optimal way.

The Steaks age between 21 and 60 days using theDry Aged technique, alongside the cuts of meat, NG’s menu offers unique starters.

The restaurant is located in the picturesque Neve Tzedek in a magical building that evokes a classic European aroma. NG is a beautiful and romantic restaurant with very professional service but a happy and light atmosphere.

NG operates for 20 years now

That the restaurant serves huge steaks on the bone, of juicy Porterhouse, prime rib made and aged and tomahawk steaks from the best meat in the country

20 years of unique dishes  such as baked foie gras dish with liquid yolk and parmesan, delicatessen of smoked meat with homemade mustard, tartr with its egg and more…

20 years of excellentboutique winesand beersfrom local breweries,

And of course –

1 barbarian meal that changed the extreme culinary experience in Israel. At barbarian dinner in NG there is no knife and fork and no plates, you’re eating only with your hands!

There are axes, aprons and huge chunks of meat that come to the table of knights. NG restaurant has been loved for years by tourists, and if you’re traveling to Israel, it’s a restaurant you want to eat at.

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