Lala Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv Review: Everything you Need to Know

Lala Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv by Shaulevi Reviews

As an Israeli blogger, I’m visiting and reviewing hotels, vacation apartments, restaurants, cruises, airlines and other tourist attractions. All my reviews are objective since I make sure to pay for the services and products.

Today I want to share with you my experience at Lala Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv, hoping to help you make the best decision when choosing the best hotel in Tel Aviv for your next visit.

Review for Lala Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv

My impression of Lala Boutique in one word is: Wow!

Even before arriving at this wonderful boutique hotel, you are exposed to the unique and magical approach of Barbara and Guy, the friendly owners and hosts of the Lala Hotel.

Then, you arrive here, and immediately feel the warm and cordial welcome of Barbara and Guy.

Welcoming Reception

Treat yourself to a cold drink and refreshments even before check-in, soak up the atmosphere already in the lobby, hear a bit about the interesting history of the building where the hotel is located, and cuddle up in the (literal) embrace of the hosts.

The Rooms

When you enter the room, your breath is taken away. Designed by an artist (Guy), every item in the room is in the most exact place possible and you immediately realize that it will be difficult to leave this place at the end of the vacation.

The feeling is that we stayed with an artist in his private home and received inspiration that enriched both the body and the soul.

Hotel Design

Every detail has been thought of here, starting with the helmets used by those who rent bicycles or electric scooters, through the unprecedented cleanliness to the quality of the mattress, linens and pillows… In addition, you will find in the room an extensive booklet of recommendations on everything you need on vacation… and more…

Lala Boutique Hotel Location

Lala Boutique Hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the Flea Market and Old Jaffa Port, close to many restaurants, bars and boutiques.

They provide helmets for your convenience if you choose to rent a scooter and enjoy the full Tel Aviv experience!

For the foodies among you, we offer unique culinary workshops that you can request at an additional cost and upon prior scheduling.

The Bottom Line

Lala Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv is one of the best boutique hotels we’ve stayed at, if not the…(best) and I recommend everyone who likes unique places, likes to have fun, likes people, likes getting full value for their money – to book their next vacation in Tel Aviv here.. .

We will definitely come back here and so will, in my opinion, anyone else who ever stays at this magical boutique hotel.

If you still have questions popping on your mind, you can reach me and the Sunset team at our Facebook group.

The Meaning of the Name: Lala Boutique Hotel 

The name, Lala, is taken from Kabbalah and is one of the 72 names of God.

The name means good sleep and the realization of dreams, as well as the transition between the spiritual and material world.

The process of realizing your personal dream is called Lala.

When they created Lala, they made sure to retain the historical structure and its unique ambiance – the authentic floor tiles, the large Jaffa arches, the kurkar walls and even the 19th-century hook for tying horses were meticulously selected.

The conception

Barbara and Guy believe that the true experience is in the fine details. That is why they created a personal and unique hospitality experience.

The hotel consists of only 12 boutique rooms, offering individual service and recommendations for the most special places in Tel Aviv, an indulgent coffee and tea setting with light refreshments and uniquely decorated rooms with indulgent accessories.

The video of my visit – Shaulevi Reviews

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