Kids Travel Backpack: Best Options to Buy in 2023

Here is a short personal story about traveling backpacks for kids that many can relate to:

I remember myself as a child, going on long trips with my parents around the world. I always got to carry the same bag my dad got as a gift from some restaurant, and believe me, it was everything but comfortable or fun.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “so what? it’s just a bag”, and while you’re not wrong, this tiny adjustment of having a bag that is suited just for you, truly helps you concentrate on the fun part of traveling, instead of logistics.

So if your kid is coming along with you on a trip, or going by himself somewhere, put that small fee so he can concentrate on the fun!

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kids travel backpack
Good gear will help you and your kid to concentrate on the fun.

After you find the backpack you were looking for, we can also help you plan a trip to test your bag on. Just pick a destination on our blog, for example, Trip to Italy, and find ideas from our authors on the best places to visit there.

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What to consider when picking a backpack

Bag Capacity, Size, and Weight

When considering size and capacity, consider the items your kid needs to have on him during the trip. Usually, kids’ bags have enough space for necessities only, such as food, water, and clothes.

But if the purpose of the bag is to contain extras, like a football for example, or special medical devices, you should consider taking a bag with a larger capacity, or with external holders. Just make sure you don’t put too much weight on your child.

kids travel backpack
A good backpack can make a lot of difference.

Carry Options

Backpacks and bags come in different shapes. Some can be carried on the shoulders, some can be rolled with wheels. Match the backpack to fit your needs best, if you know you’re going to use this bag on rough terrain, don’t pick up a bag with wheels.

Material and Durability

As we already mentioned, backpacks and very different from each other, and that includes their material. Again, you want to fit the material to fit your needs best. For example, soft material like fabric might be better for carrying a bag for long distances, while a hard bag is better for those who storage the bag.

Another thing you want to check is that the material is non-toxic, as some kinds of nylons and fabrics can be unhealthy for us.

Lastly, get a bag that lasts for a long time. Make sure the material the bag is made of is high quality. You can do that by checking the materials online, or by going to the reviews section for each bag.

Color and Design

After all, we are talking about children in this article. Color and design are crucial, not only for children. They can make you connect to the accessory you’re using, and by that, you will enjoy using it and take better care of it.

In addition to that, boys and girls have different interests at a young age, luckily most bags come in many different colors and patterns. Let your kid pick the pattern he or she likes most.

Kids travel backpack

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Best Travel Backpacks For Kids

We’ve come together with a list of kids’ backpacks that not only make great traveling bags but can also be used for other activities, such as going on a sleepover or outdoors. Some can also be good for the school.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Best Toddlers’ Traveling Bag (Age 4 or less)

Wildkin 12-Inch Kids Backpack

This backpack measures 12.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches, with two zippered compartments.

Its zippers and straps are comprehensive and reliable. It features a side mesh pocket for water bottles and can be picked in various templates for both boys and girls.

It’s very lightweight, easy to clean, and durable.

AUUXVA Toddlers Bag

This toddler’s bag is at a perfect size of 10x6x12 in, 11 Oz. The material it’s made of is soft fabric, which makes the bag more elastic and comfortable.

Don’t let the material fool you, as it’s just as durable as the hard ones. It includes a main compartment, 2 side pockets, and a zipper pocket.

You can have your personal print on it, or just go with the dinosaurs. It can function as a traveling bag, and as a preschool bag.

Best Traveling Bags for Kids (Age 4 – 6)

Sung backpack for kids

Snug Kids Backpack

The Snug Backpack is excellent for any occasion, especially for traveling or outdoors. It’s lightweight and water resistant, with quality (non-toxic) nylon fabric guarding it against rain.

It’s also very comfortable as it’s double padded with adjustable high-quality straps. Besides the large component, It has 2 side pockets, a section for laptops, and several internal pockets.

Its 12L capacity is enough for most kids and comes in many styles.

Suit cases for kids

Travelers Club 5 Piece Luggage Set

Travelers Club Set contains an 18″ Hard Side Carryon Luggage, 15″ Backpack, 10″ Lunch Bag, Neck Pillow, and a Luggage Tag. It can all be inserted into the suitcase for easy storage.

Its matching patterns are extremely cool, and you can change them to fit your girl/boy.

The suitcase is very useful, cabin sized with 4 Wheels and a Hardside. This set is perfect for traveling.

Mountaintop Kids Backpack

Are you going on a challenging trip? The mountaintop Backpack is built for camping specifically.

It’s waterproof, with an interior volume of 8L and a total weight of 0.33 kg (11.6 oz).

It has a main compartment with inside separation that can be used to organize or separate items, and 2 side mesh pockets to hold snacks and bottles.

Its straps are adjustable and very comfortable. This bag has a specific purpose – outdoors, and it fulfills it very well.

Comes in multiple colors.

Bseash Kids Hiking Backpack

This one is great, as it can be used by both the child and the parent.

It’s made out of Polyester and Nylon so it’s completely waterproof and lightweight.

With a capacity of 10L, it makes a perfect bag for children ages 4-6.

This bag is excellent for hiking and traveling, as its compartments are separated smartly, with an outside rubber string for an extra pair of shoes.

Best Traveling Bags for Older Kids (Age 6-12)

Wildkin Duffel Bag

The Wildkin Duffel Bag is the optimal bag for overnight travel.

It’s very practical, measuring 18x9x9 inches, with a big interior main compartment that will fit everything your kid needs.

The material it is made of is mainly polyester, with a nylon layer on the inside for moisture/water protection.

The bag contains multiple kinds of straps, and the shoulder strap is removable.

It comes in many colors and styles to fit your kid’s personality.

best Kids backpack

Jack Wolfskin Kids Backpack

The Jack Wolfskin Backpack is perfect for children when going on long walks. It has comfortable adjustable and padded straps, alongside a padded back.

At the front there are spaces to modulate your bag, so you can add extra compartments as you like.

The interior is big and has 2 front pockets, a key clip, 2 elasticated side pockets for bottles or snacks, and a place for your name tag. Especially good for taking your kids on challenging trips.

Do Kids Need to Travel with Backpacks?

Traveling with kids is not an easy task. You often need to take extra care of them, and it gets very challenging in an uncomfortable environment.

Getting a travel backpack for your kid will increase his or her independence, which can be crucial to the general experience of your travel.

For that, we recommend you take the time and money to invest in good gear when traveling. Not only for backpacks but for all gear used in foreign places. For now, let’s start with picking one of the fundamentals of traveling, which is a travel backpack.




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