David Intercontinental Tel Aviv Full Review: Pros Cons and Photos

InterContinental David Tel Aviv Review by Shaulevi Reviews

David intercontinental is a luxury hotel, located close to the beach of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. The hotel mainly serves business people on weekdays and vacationers on the weekend.

A spectacularly beautiful hotel, with wonderful views, comfortable and clean rooms, exciting shopping, a large pool overlooking the sea and a huge and spacious lobby. It is very pleasant to sit in the tastefully decorated lobby, you can drink and eat in the lobby and the service is really great.

Intercontinental TLV

David Intercontinental Cons

It is close to the mosque, the rooms are a bit outdated and the prices are not cheap.
Despite this, it is highly recommended for those who can afford the hotel’s prices.

The hotel lobby

David Intercontinental Rooms

The rooms in the hotel are clean, spacious, comfortable and equipped with everything you need, like everything else in the Intercontinental David Tel Aviv Hotel, the rooms are also of a very impressive level of quality.

In general, the rooms are divided into three levels: standard room, executive room and suites. Most of the rooms overlook the hotel’s large pool, to the promenade and the amazing beach of Tel Aviv.

Shared Areas of the Hotel

The public space of the hotel offers a multitude of options, from restaurants, bar and a café through a magnificent lobby that includes wonderful works of art (and even a small synagogue), to the spa and the huge pool which you can view the beautiful southern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and of course the great promenade and the bustling beach of Tel Aviv

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David Intercontinental Tel Aviv Location

Like most of the hotels in the Intercontinental net, the David Hotel in Tel Aviv is also in an excellent location.

The hotel is close to all the most interesting things in Tel Aviv. In its vicinity is on the one hand the Carmel market which is the most lively, independent and special market in Israel and on the other hand it is close to the opera and all the other attractions of this amazing city.

About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest metropolitan area, serves as a hub for innovation, culture and creativity. “Tel Aviv Nonstop City” is more than just a slogan. With the city’s beautiful beaches, diverse cultural scene, top-notch cuisine, and vibrant nightlife, there’s always something to see and do here.

The city serves as a meeting point between old and new, reflecting tradition and history while embracing innovation, pluralism and diversity. Here you can be whoever you want to be – whether you’re a party-goer, culture enthusiast, or just like to chill – Tel Aviv has a place for you. 

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David Intercontinental Video Review 2022

The video of my visit is on my YouTube channel – Shaulevi Reviews:

In my YouTube channel, you will find many other videos just like the video on Lala Boutique Hotel, where I share with you my experiences from Israel and around the world . If you like more information about tourism in Israel in general and Tel Aviv in particular, you are invited to my YouTube channel

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