Google Review Cards: What are They and Which One to Buy?

Every business owner tackled the challenge of collecting good reviews for their online business profiles, business social pages and content. Luckily, a cool product named Google Review Cards helps business owners overcome this challenge and surpass competitors in the Google Reviews landscape.

Google Review Cards is a powerful tool that can significantly impact your online reputation. In this article we will go over what are Google Review Cards, who are they for, how to use Google Review Cards properly, and where you can find the best set of Google Review Cards to buy online.

Google Review Cards

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What are Google Review Cards?

Google Review Cards are physical cards that can help businesses, mostly restaurants and attraction venues, gather positive reviews for their Google Reviews profile. Those Review Cards are packed with NFC technology that allows customers to open a business-linked Google review form with ease and within seconds, tackling the number one objection customers have when asked to write a review – it’s time consuming.

In addition, Google Review Cards help smooth the process of asking customers for positive reviews. By simply handing a Google Review Card to a customer you avoid the unpleasantness of “asking for a favor”, which positively affects the customer’s reviews.

Why are Google Review Cards Important?

According to an article on Google Reviews by Forbes, and a 2022 study on Online Reviews by Reviewtrackers, More than 60% of customers check Google reviews online before they visit a business. Understandably, they want to check out the experience others have had with your company before they commit to you. These statistics show how important gathering positive reviews on your Google Maps business profile is. Google Review Cards allow you to gather those reviews at much higher numbers, calling your customers to take action and write a review.

In addition to that, reviews raise the profile of your business online, so a business with lots of positive reviews is more likely to be discovered and visited by new customers. Google Review Cards help you achieve that easily, and create a competitive advantage, surpassing your competitors’ position across the internet.

Lastly, Google Maps displays your average ratings on your business profile page. Having a higher rating will attract new customers and provide them with the assurance that your business caters to their needs better than competitors. Google Review Cards aid in acquiring better ratings, as you can personally hand them to customers who’ve had positive experiences while avoiding giving them to those who’ve had negative ones.

Best Google Review Cards to Buy

While there are many places you can buy Google Review Cards from over the internet, only a portion of them sell high quality and personalized sets of Review Cards. Keeping in mind that these cards going to directly affect your business income positively, and that a single set of high quality Google Review Cards can last a life-time, it’s recommended to spend the extra fee and buy the premium set of cards.

The best Google Review Cards that we recommend are POPCARD’s. Their Google Review Cards are made of high quality material that will last you a long time, with a nice modern and slick design. In addition their pricing is reasonable, starting at $50 with no subscription fees at all. They also sell different social media cards, so give those a look if you feel they fit your marketing strategy better.

Google Review Cards

  • Contactless technology
  • Secure Payment
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Customer Service 24/7

Who are These Cards For?

Google Review Cards are particularly useful for:

  1. Small Businesses: Small businesses can use Google Review Cards to display customer feedback and build trust with potential customers.
  2. Service Providers: Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, consultants, and contractors can use Google Review Cards to exhibit client testimonials and build their credibility.
  3. Restaurants and Cafes: Food establishments can use these cards to showcase positive dining experiences and attract more customers.
  4. Hotels and Accommodations: Hospitality businesses can use Google Review Cards to display positive guest reviews and enhance their reputation.
  5. Any Physical Business with an Online Presence: As online reviews are crucial in today’s digital landscape, any business with an online presence can benefit from Google Review Cards to highlight positive feedback and boost their reputation.

How Many Review Cards do I Need?

The number of Google Review Cards you need can vary based on several factors, including the size of your business, the volume of reviews you receive, the locations where you want to display the cards, and your marketing goals. Here are some considerations to help you determine how many cards you might need:

  1. Review Volume: If you receive a high volume of positive reviews, you might want to have a sufficient number of cards to showcase a diverse range of testimonials.
  2. Display Locations: Consider where you plan to display the cards. If you have a physical storefront, you might want to place them at the checkout counter or reception area. For online businesses, you might want to feature them on your website.
  3. Multiple Locations: If your business has multiple locations or branches, you might need cards for each location to highlight location-specific reviews.
  4. Events and Marketing Campaigns: If you participate in events or run marketing campaigns, having extra cards on hand can be beneficial for distributing to potential customers.
  5. Rotation and Freshness: To keep your display engaging, you might want to rotate or update the cards regularly. This could require having a larger number of cards available.
  6. Distribution Strategy: If you plan to physically hand out cards to customers who’ve had positive experiences, consider the frequency of interactions and how often you’ll be giving them out.
  7. Budget: Your budget for printing or creating these cards can also influence the number you decide to produce.

How does it work?

The Review Cards hold an NFC chip inside that is programmed to store a specific URL, which could be a link to your business’s Google My Business review page. That way, by simply tap on the card with a phone the review form opens up immedietly.


Google Review Cards present an excellent opportunity to leverage the power of social proof to enhance your online reputation, surpass competitors in the Google Maps landscape, and drive new customers to your business. By understanding their significance and choosing the right service, you can effectively harness the positive impact of customer feedback on your business.

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