Best Hiking Gloves for Casual and Extreme Hikers in 2022

Often, people are unaware of just how crucial hiking gloves are when exploring nature.  

Those who hike regularly know what a great asset our hands are when overcoming tough terrain. It’s important that we use hiking gloves, which will not only protect our hands from weather conditions and cuts but will also help us pass tough terrain with ease.

Today we will share with you the Best Hiking Gloves that will enhance your hiking skills, and keep your hands warm and protected.

Best Hiking Gloves Overall

Best choice for Extreme Hiking in Cold Weather

The Gordini Mens Gore Gauntlet Glove will keep your hands from freezing off while hiking in cold weather.

Best Choice for Extreme Hiking in Warm Weather

Rappelling, Tree Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Adventure, and Outdoor sports enthusiasts will find the Intra-FIT Climbing Gloves Rope Gloves to be the best gloves on the market. It’s the perfect glove for warm weather since it’s soft and comfortable.  

Best Choice for Casual Hiking

North Face Etip Recycled Gloves will keep your hands warm, look good, and you don’t have to remove them to use your phone, making them the Best Choice for Casual Hiking.

Going on a hike? We have also written about the Best Kids Travel Backpacks and the Best Ski Gear. Have a safe travel!

Summer Hiking Gloves

There are things to consider when hiking in the summer, especially in places with hot conditions. You will have to use sunscreen often and have lots of water breaks. Because you have to deal with a lot of small interactions in the summer, you might want to consider wearing fingerless gloves.

Moreover, it’s usually better to take a set of light gloves along with you, rather than heavy ones. These will take less space, enable better movement, and won’t overheat your hands.

Best choices for Extreme Hiking in Warm Weather

Warm Weather for Extreme Hiking Gloves by Intra Fit

Highly Protective
Breathable Material

Warm Weather Gloves for Extreme Hikers

Fingerless Design
Highly Protective
Comes with Warranty

Water Hikes Gloves

Water Resistance
UV Protection
Very Flexible

Water hikes gloves are especially useful for people who travel to tropical destinations such as The Maldives. Those tropical areas consist of water activities everywhere, and the gloves will maintain the heat while protecting the hand from the sun and from cuts.

Winter Hiking Gloves

When hiking in cold weather, you want to find gloves that will guard against hypothermia. The edges of our body are always the coldest, as the least amount of blood flows there. That means your legs and hands are the first organs to get hypothermia, but worry not, a good pair of hiking gloves will prevent that.

Cold weather also affects the essential dexterity of our fingers and makes them oversensitive to all kinds of traction. So instead of having hurtful and slow hands, use a warm pair of hiking gloves.

Here are the best hiking gloves for warm and protected hands, so you can be ready for every type of hike:

Best choices for Extreme Hiking in Cold Weather

Extreme Cold Weather Hiking Gloves by Gordini

Wind / Water Proof
Very Durable
Extremely Warm

Extreme Cold Weather Hiking Gloves by Anqier

Superb Fit
Index Finger Touchscreen Gloves

Cold Weather Hiking Gloves by Mountain Made

Good Dexterity
Very Durable
Medium Warm

Extreme Hiking vs Casual Hiking

When going hiking, know what your route is going to require. Casual hiking usually includes a pretty straightforward trail, and the things you need to be aware of from here are mainly weather and length. In contrast to that, some hiking trails are considered more extreme, and feature climbing trails, water trails, perhaps even saplings, and other rope-required actions.

If you’re going on an extreme trail you should pick one of the gloves presented above. Otherwise, if you’re not going on an extreme hike, you can go with these options, they will do just fine –

Best choices for Casual Hiking

Casual Cold Weather Hiking Gloves by North Face

High-Quality Material
Touch Screen Friendly
Known Brand (North Face)

Casual Warm Weather Hiking Gloves by Mount Tec

Cooling Fabric
Anti-Slip Design
UV Protection

Casual Cold Weather Hiking Gloves

Keep Warmth
Anti-Slip Design
Touch Screen Friendly

More options to consider when choosing the Best Hiking Gloves for your trip:

Waterproof Gloves

Are you hiking in tropical weather, where it can rain at any time with no warning? Perhaps a part of your trail passes through water? Be sure you keep yourself dry as much as you can, to prevent hypothermia and maintain traction. It’s important mostly for cold conditions, but can be impactful in warm conditions as well.

protect your hands from cold burns and cuts, and protect the durability of the gloves with waterproof gloves.

Hiking in wet areas may require wind / waterproofing

Gloves Weight

The weight of the gloves is usually linked to the material and density of the gloves. Heavy hiking gloves would usually be warmer, but much more clumsy and not flexible. Ask yourself what kind of hike you’re going to have.

If you’re hiking in a warm place. or on an extreme trail that requires climbing tough terrain, you should probably go for light gloves. In contrast, if you’re hiking a friendly trail placed in cold conditions, you may want to take more heavy gear.

Gloves Sizing

While gloves don’t have to fit your hand perfectly most of the time, you do want to invest time in choosing the size that fits you best. A well-sized glove will increase your dexterity and overall comfort.

Products online usually have a sizing manual attached, and they offer multiple sizes that vary for children, women, and men.

Gloves Protection and Flexibility

You would come across different kinds of gloves that offer different kinds of protection and flexibility. Some will put extra padding on certain areas, perhaps even implement hard material for maximum protection, others will pass on protection to increase flexibility and dexterity.

What you should choose comes down to the activity you’re up for. The colder the area you are hiking, and the harder the trail is, the more protected your gear should be. But if you’re hiking in a warm area, or in rather easy terrain, you may prefer to pass on the clumsiness, as your hands will be more naturally protected.

Extra Gloves Features

Features like “touch screen friendly”,anti-slip mechanisms, or even “breathing fiber” can be very impactful for some, but they usually don’t make a huge difference – They are “nice to have”. try to match the features your gloves offer to the requirements of your hike.

If you are hiking in rough terrain, anti-slip would be more crucial than “breathing fiber” though if you’re traveling in a very warm place, breathing fiber might come in handy.

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