6 Best Climbing Sticks for Travelers and Hunters Updated for 2023

If you love exploring the outdoors, you must have seen or used climbing sticks at least once. Climbing sticks are used not only for climbing trees and creating tree stands, but for many other purposes, such as securing ropes and any stake-requiring activity.

Climbing sticks must be high-quality products, as low-quality products will surely cause injuries. We recommend having a set of hiking gloves when using climbing sticks, as these will protect your hands.   

We’ve created a list of high-quality, versatile, and durable climbing sticks. The products we chose will serve you for many years and can be used for different kinds of weather conditions, or purposes.

So, whether you’re hunting or just camping in the wild, let’s get into our list of the Best Climbing Sticks.

1) Stagger Step by Muddy

  • Lightweight climbing system
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Cam-buckle strap for climbing stability
  •  Fast setup
  • Good for crooked or leaning trees as well

The Muddy Stagger Step climbing sticks are a safe choice when looking to conquer a tree. They feature very sturdy steps which secure tightly to any kind of tree, and almost no slippage at all.

They are especially good for those who wear bulky boots, as they are very easy and comfortable to climb, and they fit extreme travelers who need the ability to hang from the climbing sticks.

The Stagger Step is a bit pricy, and you might need to get at least 4 of those to be able to climb any tree with ease. But the quality and simplicity they bring to the table can be worth it for some.

These can endure a weight of 300 lbs or 136 kg, they are made of steel and are packable for easy storing and storage. They can be bought in singles or as a pack of 3. When ordering, make sure you select the option that fits you best.

Summary – Overall I think these climbing sticks are among of the best choices out there, as they can be applied to all kinds of trees, including crooked or leaning trees. Their installation process is quick and easy and they do the job perfectly. They are reliable and can last for many years.

2) XOP-Xtreme Climbing Sticks

  • Lightweight (1.6kg each)
  • Heat-treated steel
  • Fast strap button for effortless hanging
  • Increased traction on crooked trees
  • Slide-lock technology for low profile transport

The XOP Xtreme is equipped with a locking mechanism that helps carry it around with ease. It’s made out of steel and it’s easily strapped into trees, thanks to the fast strap buttons on the stick.

The design of this one is beautiful and practical, as the steps are designed to increase traction on crooked trees, and the large brackets ensure a solid mount.

It comes in a set of 4 pieces, and even though the product is a new release with no reviews, the company behind it has similar items that have proven themselves in the past.

Summary – Overall the XOP-Xtreme climbing sticks while pricy, give you everything you need, and with a nice stylish touch to them. They are very easy to carry around, they are very lightweight 3.5 lbs each (1.6kg each), and the features implemented to them make them a comfortable choice.

3) Pro Sticks by Muddy

  • Lightweight
  • Durable aluminum
  • Easy to carry packing
  • Rope cam system for easy setup
  • Good for crooked and straight trees

The Muddy Pro Sticks come as a 4-piece pack – each piece is made of 2 steps with 18” height in between, and can be installed separately. It’s made entirely out of aluminum, making it very lightweight – 10lbs for the whole 4-piece package (4.5 kg). Some of its features are very useful, like the rope fasteners that let you secure a rope to the climbing stick very fast.

These climbing sticks feature aluminum bark biters that attach to any kind of tree, and the steps have built-in teeth for greater grip, which can get very useful during the winter season. You can easily pack those and rest assured they will keep silent.

Summary – Overall the Muddy Pro Sticks offer a great experience, with no real downside. Just make sure the product you’re receiving is new, as they did have a recall in 2012.

4) Big Game Quick Stick Climbing System

  • Lightweight
  • Quick to setup
  • Ladder-styled (easier to climb)
  • cam buckle strap to secure the system

The Big Game Quick offers a 5-piece set of climbing sticks with 18” in between sections. What makes them unique is their alternate steps design, which is very narrow.

It’s very lightweight, each section weighs 4lbs (1.8kg) making the whole package 20 lbs. The pieces are made out of steel, and they are extremely easy and fast to install. These carry up to 300 lbs (136kg). 

While its cons are very noticeable – its design that might be problematic in extreme weather conditions or tough trees to climb, it might be a solid choice for those who are looking for comfortable prices with high quality. Just don’t take these on something too extreme.

Summary – Overall the Big Game Quick climbing sticks offer very good value for their price. It’s reliable and easy to install, and a good choice for those who are not going on extreme hunting trips.

4) Hawk Hunting

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Quick and silent setup
  • Extra stability design
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Superior step traction

The Hawk Hunting Climbing Sticks offer good value for a good set of climbing sticks. Their 100% aluminum construction makes them lightweight (around 11lbs / 5kg) and long-lasting.

These include Tree-digger Teeth Bite into bark for stability, and they feature boot gripping steps, which increase non-slip performance. Those features are must-haves when tackling a rainy day.

The weight capacity of these is 300 lbs (136kg), so you can rely on it can withstand you and all your equipment and items. The Hawk Hunting climbing sticks use a silent-use Versa Button to prevent noise when packing & installing, which can be useful, but it’s worth mentioning that it makes them tough to separate from each other.

Summary – Overall, if you’re looking for good quality climbing sticks, that are lightweight and easy to carry and install, the Hawk Hunting climbing sticks are a very good choice, but do care for the suction mechanism that may get frustrating to some.

6) Climbing Ladder by Guide Gear

  • Durable tubular steel
  • Ladder design
  • Strap-secured
  • Separates to 5 sections for easy carrying

The guide gear climbing ladder is a unique and friendly way to climb trees. It features a 20′ ladder with wide steps, which makes the climbing as easy as it gets.

The ladder is attached to the tree with straps, and it’s fairly easy to install. It’s more suitable for those who use it for casual matters, as it’s not so easy to carry around, and probably want to store it in a vehicle.

It’s very durable, able to carry 300 lbs (136 kg) and it’s made out of tubular steel. It separates into 5 sections so you can store it and transport it, but don’t rely on taking it with you by foot for long distances.

Summary – Overall, the Guide Gear Climbing Ladder is can be the first choice for those who seek a more casual outdoors experience. It’s still good for hunting, but again, casually.

It’s easy to use and friendly to climb on, which can also be more attractive for older hunters, seeking a comfy way to climb the tree stand.

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What’s the pricing range for climbing sticks?

The most common price range for climbing sticks is usually $100-$150. Most climbing sticks in this price range offer high durability, lightweight, and enough length to climb almost any kind of tree.

You can find cheaper and more expensive climbing sticks, which usually affect their material, style, and design. Make sure you don’t settle for cheap material as it can cause safety problems.

What problems can be found in Climbing Sticks?

Some problems such as noisiness and bulkiness can be found in any kind of climbing stick, and you should check the reviews of every product to see whether a set has such a problem, and what effects it has on you. Major problems such as low durability are a red flag when buying climbing sticks.

It depends on the climbing sticks, but it’s usually around 18 ft.

Trees that are straight and firm, like oaks and maple trees are best to be used with climbing sticks.

Usually, climbing sticks help you climb trees and setup a reusable way to easily get up a tree. But climbing sticks can have a lot of other uses, you can use them as stakes to set up your camp for example.

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