Best Cafes in Milan to Visit on Your Trip to Italy

When people mention “Italy”, you are bound to hear ‘great coffee’ in the same sentence. And rightly so do Milan abound with several fantastic cafes even within its walls.

Literally anything you could wish you could buy in this bustling Lombardian city can be found next to coffee and delectable desserts. This shows how big of a deal Cafe is in Milan.

However, when visiting Milan, there are some cafes around the city that I think everyone should know about and enjoy. Some of those truly bring brilliance to the table.

Do not hesitate in exploring our selection of the best cafes in Milan and make this your very first stop! They are worth it.

Italy coffee
Craving coffee already?

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Pasticceria Marchesi

Pasticceria Marchesi is one of the most luxury and unique bakeries in Milan. It specializes in traditional handcrafted desserts, like the Panettone (a delicious baked pastry), Pralines, Cremini, Grand Cru, and even Candies like Jellies, Confetti, and Ginevrine pastilles. Truly unique products.

While it might make your mouth water looking at these photographs, consider that the prices are a bit pricy! One can then only surmise that Pasticceria Marchesi isn’t just good for an espresso to go, but also for spending quality time over beautiful and tasteful desserts with your partner or family.

This place also has rich history, Founded in 1824 and family-run through generations. Since then they’ve opened 3 different shops in Milan, so make sure you find the one closest to you.

Check it out –


Address: Marchesi 1824 P.IVA 02846380158 Milan.

Pasticceria Marchesi
The color really reminds me of something, I wonder what that is.

Malìa Cafe

Brunch lovers, this is the place for you. Other than one of the best cafes in the city, Malìa Cafe serves such good breakfasts and brunches, the dishes always feel fresh and interesting.

Malìa is located in the western part of of Milan, and it serves unique kinds of pastries and dishes. It’s so diverse that you can find yourself eating a fritta for starters, and Calamari right after. By the way, it’s vegan friendly.

But overall, if you are looking for good coffee that’s not too pricey, this is an excellent choice. Malìa Cafe relies on a cafe artwork for its atmosphere and it has outdoorsy vibes overall which mean that you can enjoy an iced-latte on their porch even as the sun sets.

You can see their dishes on their website –


Address: Viale Legioni Romane 55, 20147 Milan Italy

Malìa Cafe
Take a quick look at their site to see the real special pastries.

We are eager to hear from our readers, tell us your favorite experiences from Italy in our Facebook community We read everything, and if the experience is interesting enough we might feature it in our blog!

Orsonero Coffee

This one is the perfect choice for those who seek simply coffee with something sweet on the side. Orsonero Coffee is located just 0.4 miles from Porta Venezia, making it the perfect place to visit when seeking a small break from all the walking in the city.

Their coffee is considered one of the best, especially for those who know a thing or 2 about coffee. Their prices are more than fair, but you can expect a huge line throughout the day, as everyone who has experienced their coffee returns for more.

If you‘re staying close by, grab yourself a morning coffee + pastry. Their staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about coffee, go ahead and challenge their knowledge while you’re there.

Address: Via Giuseppe Broggi 15 Corner Via Morgagni, 20129 Milan Italy

Photo by Trip Advisor

Pasticceria Cucchi

Serving some of most unique pastries and greatest coffe in the city, this historic café operates since 1936! Honestly, it is the same today as it was nearly a century ago, and we say that in a good way.

This place kept it’s very own personality throughout all these years, with over-dressed baristas that will serve you in fancy suits, and rich older ladies taking all their tables outside. But believe us, rich older ladies know exactly where to find the best coffee in the city, so whenever you see them capture the tables of a coffee place, you can be 100% sure it serves high quality coffee.

Other than great cafe, Pasticceria Cucchi has a line of very surprising and tasteful pastries, featuring colorful tiny cakes, special kinds of chocolate, cool panettones, an amazing salted brioche and many more.

Sitting here, you really feel like you found something special, it’s far from being “just another coffee shop”, and it suits best those who seek pastries they never tried before. With that being said, it can get pretty pricy, so make sure you bring along a rich older lady.


Address: Corso Genova, 1, 20123 Milano MI

Pasticceria Cucchi
Photo created with Google’s Street View

Caffetteria Rocca

Sometimes all you want is the traditional Coffee and Danish, but at the highest quality. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of Caffetteria Rocca makes a perfect place to relax with a book or start your day with your partner.

They serve high quality and tasty coffee, along numerous traditional but delicious pastries. The prices are very good, and there are even gluten free and vegan options. By the way, their crack pie is our favorite among all other pastries we’ve tried, so make sure you get yourself a piece of it.

Address: Via Ambrogio binda 16 Ambrogio Binda 16, 20143 Milan Italy

Caffetteria Rocca
Sometimes simple is better.

Gogol & Company

Are you a book worm? If you have answered yes, check this out – Gogol and company built a high quality and delicious pastry shop surrounded by, well, books!

There is a whole library there, so you can enjoy a good read with your coffee. The place is designed in a very modern way, featuring modern art on the walls and big open spaces with couches, truly the best experience for those who love to be productive while sitting in a coffee place.

Gogol & Company also hold events, mostly events that revolve around books. You can check those in their website. You can find good café, cool kind of refreshing drinks and cocktails, tasty sandwiches and pastries and even cheese wheels.


Address: Ci trovi in Via Savona 101 a Milano. 

Gogol & Company
Now imagine it with a great cup of coffee in your right hand.


That was our Best Cafes in Milan. In a quick note, while you could just pick any old place and hope it’s good, there are some cafes that rise above the rest as far as quality, ambiance, and price are concerned.

These best cafes in Milan are not just good, they’re unique! Each fit for a different kind of personality, but no matter which you prefer, you can enjoy all of them.

Lastly, we are eager to hear from our readers, tell us your favorite experiences from Italy in our Facebook community. Happy travelling!

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