6 Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala for a Dreamy Vacation

Today we will have a look at the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala. Antigua has become one of the most appealing and touristic places in Guatemala, and for a good reason. It’s one of the most unique places you can visit, with colorful reefs surrounding it from all directions, and so many cool activities to offer.

If you’re planning a vacation in Antigua, you should know that the hotel you choose can affect your whole trip, as getting the right one will make you feel like you’re traveling heaven on earth. So today we are going to dive into the Best Hotels in Antigua in all aspects, and talk about the areas of Antigua you want to be close to.

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Best area to stay in Antigua

Even though Antigua is very small, and you can reach everywhere with a car, it’s much more fun to explore its beautiful cities and beaches by foot, without the need of Taxi or a rented car.

Because of that you want to make sure you’re staying in a central area, like Saint John’s, which is the main area of Antigua. Alternatively you can also stay in English Harbour Town or Jolly Harbour, which are beautiful beach resorts with much to see and lots of people. Many also visit Dickenson Bay as it’s ideal for families traveling with kids, or couple who seek scenic and romantic atmosphere.

You can check our accommodations map to check the best hotels in those areas, or read our favorite and best hotels in Antigua, Guatemala:


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1. Siboney Beach Club




Best Overall

This hotel is located in an excellent location, right on Dickenson bay, and just a short drive away from Saint John’s, and a 10 minute drive from the Grand Bay Casino.

The Siboney Beach resort really offers a beautiful experience. Here you can find on-site dining, a freshwater pool and cool tropical gardens. You can even cook yourself, as every room has its own kitchen.

This place is particularly best for couples, as it’s very romantic. Every room has its own private and magica balcony that offers scenic views of the beautiful bay. The room is modernly stylized and featuring great privacy for its guests.

It’s local restaurant is Salt Plage, and It serves gourmet Caribbean cuisine with locally caught seafood. How cool is that? It’s also vegan friendly. Just outside the resort is its beautiful private beach, where you can go snorkeling, read a book or get a massage.

2. Keyonna Beach Resort Antigua – All Inclusive


Very Good


Best for Couples. If you’re not a couple, you might want to consider skipping this one.

Keyonna Beach is one of the best resorts \ hotels in Antigua Guatemala for couples. It sits on the beachfront of Turners Beach, and offers scenic views of the Caribbean Sea and Monsterrat Island. This boutique hotel also features a great restaurant and a bar.

The rooms and cottages at Keyonna Beach are perfectly decorated to match the romantic beach atmosphere. You are sure to have all the facilities you need, and if you choose to go with one of the luxury rooms, you be offered with some extra facilities like a private pool.

The Beach Restaurant serves fresh seafood and daily specialities. The bar offers a selection of international wines, Caribbean spirits and rums.

Note that you are not allowed to bring children to this hotel, moreover this hotel specializes in hosting couples.

3. Antigua Seaview


Very Good


Best Choice for those on a Budget

Probably one of the best value hotels in Antigua, the Antigua Seaview is a great choice for those who look to spend less on accommodations, and more on exploring the main island by foot.

Don’t get us wrong, the hotel is nice, and your apartment will provide you with every basic thing you need. AC, Wifi, a nice balcony with some mountain views, a kitchen and very nice bathroom \ shower are just some of the facilities you will enjoy, and for very a friendly price.

It’s location is great for most, as it’s walk distance from St Johns Center, yet still in a quiet area. The staff are very friendly and will help you with everything you need.

4. Caribbean Inn and Suites




Caribbean Inn and Suites sits on the Radio Range Hill right next to St John’s, and just 400 m from King’s Casino and Adventure Antigua. You can walk St John’s center, but it’s much easier to get there by car.

The apartments feature a TV, AC, There is a full kitchen and Private bathrooms. There aren’t many shops or supermarkets near the hotel, and you’ll have to shop in the central area of St John’s.

the area and the garden is really beautiful, with scenic views and nice clean design overall. The staff are very nice and will take care of everything you need for your stay.

5. Northshore Aparthotel on the Beach




This hotel in Antigua is offering 2 private and beautiful areas on the beach, along with a beautiful and big garden for its visitors. Most apartments sit right on the beach so you know the view from your balcony is going to be just breath-taking.

Along with your apartment you will obviously get free access to Wifi, TV, AC, kitchen and all other facilities you can think of. There are also external facilities such as laundry rooms and ironing services in place.

The staff and the hospitality is top notch, and you will get personal guidance and help for everything that comes to your mind. Location is right on Hodges Bay, making it a great choice for those who seek a calm and peaceful vacation.

6. Heritage Hotel, Antigua Guatemala


Very Good


With breath-taking views of St. John’s Harbour, the Heritage makes another great choice in Antigua. It’s only 300 m from Antigua and Barbuda Museum and 500 m from St. John’s Cathedral, and the overall location is very good.

The rooms has everything you need, AC, TV, a kitchen, bathroom and a bathtub, and there is a restaurant in the hotel. This hotel is best for those who are looking to spend less on accommodations, yet still enjoy St. Johns to the fullest.

Where to stay in Antigua

In order to find the best hotels to stay in Antigua Guatemala, you should ask yourself how do you plan to get around. Are you going to rent a car? use taxis? going only by foot? If you’re willing to pay for taxi or a car, consider choosing your staying location based on the best hotels you liked most in Antigua Guatemala. That is because Antigua is very small and you can get to all the other cities within less than an hour drive usually. With that being said, there are some pros and cons for each city –

For first timers, Saint John’s would be the safest option. St John’s is the capital of Antigua, and you can find everything here. It has beautiful beaches, nice bars and restaurant, shopping places, and night life. But there are other great places to see and visit in Antigua, and if your trip is long enough, we encourage you to visit those as well.

Your next visit after Saint John’s should be to English Harbor, Jolly Harbor or Dickenson Bay, they offer thriving nature and beaches, and are very touristic cities in Antigua with much to see.

Map of Antigua’s best locations

St John’s All Inclusive Resorts

An all inclusive resort can be a solid choice in Antigua, especially for those who come to relax and enjoy the beaches of this beautiful island. If it sounds like you, you should consider going for that option, as those resorts will take care of everything you will need from A to Z.

If you’re looking for an All Inclusive Resort in St John’s you should check one of the following:

  1. Buccaneer Beach Club
  2. Hawksbill by Rex Resorts
  3. Royalton Antigua

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So, what is your choice when it comes to the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala? Are you visiting to chill and enjoy the beaches, or are you arriving with a backpack to take some beautiful hikes across the island?

Personally, I don’t pay much attention to where I sleep, as long as it’s close to the places I want to explore. Moreover, I try to stay out of the hotel as much as I can, which sometimes can be a tough task. What about you?

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