14 Best Beach Bags For Moms In 2022

Finding the perfect beach bag can be tricky. Too small and you might be forced to lug around unnecessary items; too big and you’ll be dragging around the equivalent of a large duffel bag, which isn’t any fun either.

With this in mind, we’ve researched the best beach bags available in 2022, so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. These are some of our favorites!

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14 Best Beach Bags For Moms

1. POUFIHARS Mesh: Mom Beach Bag

Pros: There are a couple of reasons why this bag is my first choice.
First of all, the value for money is excellent, as this bag costs $13.49, but it has so many features, like sand-proof mesh and waterproof pockets.

As this beach bag has a 3mmx3mm mesh, you don’t have to worry about sand getting inside your belongings.

Cons:  This bag is quite large, so it’s not that comfortable to carry.  

2. Esvab Beach Bag for Moms

Pros: Besides being easy to fold and carry, this 20-inch beach bag is also water resistant.

In addition, it’s really deep, so you can easily fit in 2-3 towels, some food, and everything else you’d need for the perfect beach day.

30 designs and colors are available in Amazon’s link below

Cons: As a $30 beach bag, it offers good value, but the quality isn’t great, so it wasn’t my first choice if I was looking for a bag that would last me a long time.  

3. Fasrom Extra Large Mesh Beach Bag

There is plenty of room in this bag because it measures 20.2×7.5×15.7 inches in size.

Towels, swimsuits, and beach toys can all be stored in the main compartment. A total of six large, deep exterior pockets are provided for storing water bottles, sunscreen, flip flops, etc.

 Another great feature of this bag is that swimsuits can be stored inside a translucent pocket that is water-resistant.

4. Fasrom Mesh Beach Bag Backpack with Zipper Bottom

With durable nylon materials and a lightweight mesh design, this bag allows airflow and quick drying of wet belongings like used swimsuits.

A beach backpack like this is definitely a good choice since it has a large main compartment that can accommodate towels, clothes, beach toys, and more.  

5. KEHO Fashion Beach Bag

Pros: Besides being one of the largest beach bags that I could find, it is also uniquely stylish, functional, and lightweight. 

Cons:  Despite coming in eight different colors and being very fashionable, the price – $55 – is a little high.  

Furthermore, the outside pocket will not close. There is a very weak Velcro closure on the pocket, and the pocket itself spills out. In order to avoid snagging my clothes, I have to carry the bag with the open pocket facing out! The hanging pocket makes this bag look very sloppy when carried.  

6. Extra Large Genovega Beach Bag

Pros:   I like how cute it is, how sturdy it is, and how big it is. It’s perfect for beach days with kids. You can store diapers, a change of clothes, snacks, water bottles, and more in it.   

Cons:   Zippers need to be handled carefully. The material is plastic. It would be stronger to use a metal zipper.  

I would also like to see inner pockets in it. The bag comes with a tiny one without a zipper. It would be nice to have more.
Other than that, I love it!  

7. Genovega Canvas Tote Beach Bag

Pros: This stylish beach bag is made of a strong and durable fabric that is similar to a canvas. Sand cannot enter through the zipper on top. There is no loose or knotted cotton cord on the shoulder straps, making them very comfortable and thick.  

Cons: In the beginning, I was very satisfied with it.
The colors started to fade after a few uses, and it looked pretty worn-out.

8. Pursetti Zip-Top Mom Beach Bag

Pros: I have been searching for a bag with squared-off corners that won’t fall over for a long time, and this is exactly what I was looking for.

The bag opens and closes so nicely when placed on a flat surface or when you sit it on the floor. Everything is so easily organized with a plethora of pockets.

Cons: It was a bit smaller than I expected (I ordered a medium size beach bag)

9. TOPDesign Beach Bag

Pros: Roomy beach bag with a beautiful design, you can change the letter that is printed on the bag to whatever letter you want.

Cons: Not functional like other bags

10. Neoprene Beach Bag with Inner Waterproof Zipper

Pros: Large size, durable, and made out of thick neoprene and polyester material.

Cons: Only thing that wasn’t so quality, is the poor quality of the inner zipper.

11. EVA Rubber Beach Bag With Holes

Pros: This beach bag is large enough to carry all your essentials, and the durable plastic is lightweight considering the size of the bag.

The part I liked the most about this beach bag, is that it can be easily cleaned off at the end of the day.

Cons: No inner pockets to arrange your stuff.

12. Lucazzi Oversized Collapsible Beach Bag

Pros: This bag is perfect for those who look for more than just a beach bag.
The Lucazzi bag, which comes in 32 different colors, is without a doubt the most multinational bag you can look for, it can be used for the beach, pool, laundry, picnics, grocery, or cleaning supplies.

Cons: Haven’t found anything specific.

13. Glat Coberrry 56L Beach Bag

Pros: With Extra Large Side Pockets, stylish design, and the ability to collapse in seconds, this $35-bag is defiantly worth the price tag.

Cons: Kinda hard to clean after going to the beach, because there is no zipper I had to be extra careful.

14. BALEINE Large Beach Bag

Pros: With 8 pockets and 1 inside zipper pocket this beach bag can easily keep every item separated and organized.
For a $12-bag, it’s worth the money.

Cons: The colors started to fade after the 5th use.

Final Thoughts

 I purchased many beach bags from Amazon over the years, but the Fasrom Mesh Beach Bag Backpack (Number 4 on the list) was the best. It was roomy, durable, and exactly what I needed.  

My personal thanks go out to you for reading this far, and I’d like to invite you to keep reading our travel blog, where you will find plenty of guides and travel journals.  




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